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Take-aways from today's event, Request for ideas

Hi everyone,

We had our first Open Access Week 2010 Web cast and planning event today -- June 2. We were so pleased to be joined by Andrew Waller from the University of Calgary and Jamaica Jones from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who spoke about their hugely successful events -- and related Open Access progress -- in 2009 (thanks, guys!). The details about the event are here: I also gave an intro to The Plan for this year's event, so please take a listen to the short, 15-minute blurb or review the slides for a quick summary if you haven't kept up fully so far.

The full recording, with audio and slides, will be available soon for everyone who wasn't able to attend today. In the meantime, I'd like to share a few thoughts as well as the slides -- just in case you'd like to take a peek.

The slides:
The thoughts:
  • While all details of both of our speakers' presentations were really valuable, a couple of things stuck with me. From Andrew, I appreciated that the momentum they spent time building in anticipation of the week was really key. They worked with library staff regularly -- every Tuesday -- to dig into OA, and with students, to talk about how to work together. He also spoke about how peoples' attention was caught by one event, which led them to attend another, bigger one. So, I wonder if it might work to begin meetings with others on campus now, to just begin conversations in a fairly systematic way to build up interest and participation in the Week. Interesting...
  • I also liked and appreciated first hand Calgary's use of the Open Access brand (kudos to PLoS for creating). The posters on display -- in the library but also in the student union building and departments, the flyers, the buttons, and the crews of staff wandering around in **bright** orange shirts really drew attention. As a marketer, I really appreciated the power of this.
  • From Jamaica's talk you'll learn about a more targeted, time-limited, and also very potent approach to Open Access Week. For details, do review her slides or wait for the recording. But then, **definitely** view the video from the NCAR event last year. The remarks from George Strawn and John Wilbanks are mind-blowing -- inspirational and also great to share with others. Take a look at it here:
I hope Andrew and Jamaica, as well as anyone else on the call -- or not -- will feel free to add their own comments.

In follow up, let me share with everyone that we'll be taking advance orders for tee shirts very shortly. Please stay tuned. And, if you're thinking about inviting one of the world's top Open Access advocates to speak at your event, ACT NOW. These folks are extremely busy and will be in HIGH demand in October. The Open Access Directory keeps a list at Finally, we heard that you're really interested in a central, live event. If you've got ideas, please feel free to share. We'll give it a think in the meantime.

THANKS again to everyone who attended today. We'll have more events soon.

Best wishes!

Director, OAWeek 2010

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Comment by Keita Bando on June 5, 2010 at 11:11am
Hi Jennifer,

My Open Archive will continue to support OAWeek as well as last year.
And, we think that we want to translate an important message into Japanese, and to share information in Japan.

We translated this post.

Best regards
Comment by Lorre Smith on June 4, 2010 at 2:05am
For central live webcast: Idea 1: A scientist, a humanist and a social scientist who practice open scholarship and who will discuss their experiences Idea 2: Tools for open access such as OJS, OAD, DOAJ - their creators and how they work/what they do
Comment by Jamaica Jones on June 2, 2010 at 2:12pm
Hey all. I second Jennifer's nudge to act now if you hope to arrange a talk by a "big name." However, I encourage you to also not be shy, and to shoot for the stars. Be certain to do your research, and to make sure that the speaker you invite is well paired with your audience - this will ensure a "yes" from the one you want, as well as a generative conversation on the big day.
Comment by Andrew Waller on June 2, 2010 at 8:24am
A small note on the above, if I may make a small correction, we didn't meet with library staff every Tuesday, just a couple of Tuesdays before OA Week. Thanks.

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