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The Access Gap at the Research Growth Tip

The EC-commisioned Science-Metrix study has a lot of interesting and useful information that I hope the EC will apply and use.

Access Timing. The fundamental problem highlighted by the Science-Metrix findings is timing: Over 50% of all articles published since 2007 are freely available…


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Estimating Open Access Mandate Effectiveness: I. The MELIBEA Score

Estimating Open Access Mandate Effectiveness: I. The MELIBEA Score

Philippe Vincent-Lamarre, Jade Boivin, Yassine Gargouri, Vincent Lariviere, Stevan Harnad

ABSTRACT: MELIBEA is a Spanish database that uses a composite formula with eight weighted conditions to estimate the effectiveness of Open…

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Practical Advice for Perplexed Elsevier Authors

For those Elsevier authors who wish to provide OA rather than continuing to agonize over what Elsevier might intend or mean:

Believe Elsevier when they state officially that "Elsevier believes that individual authors should be able to distribute their AAMs for their personal voluntary needs and interests, e.g. posting to their…


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Durham University Adopts UK's 43d Green OA Mandate (World's 153rd)

Durham University has just adopted…


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The OA Interviews: Ian Gibson, former Chairman of the UK House of Commons Science & Technology Committee

Brilliant and revealing interview by Richard Poynder of Ian Gibson about the epochal 2004 UK Green OA Mandate Recommendation:

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Testing the Finch Hypothesis on Green OA Mandate Effectiveness

We have now tested the Finch Committee's Hypothesis that Green Open Access Mandates are ineffective in generating deposits in institutional repositories. With data from ROARMAP on institutional Green OA mandates and data from ROAR on institutional repositories, we show that deposit number and rate is significantly correlated with mandate strength (classified as…


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Please Register OA Mandates in ROARMAP

OA Week has already generated several important OA mandates and mandate recommendations (from Hungary, Japan, Brazil, Science Europe, Ireland).

If your institution, funder or nation has adopted or proposed an Open Access Mandate, please register it in ROARMAP (Registry of Open Access Mandatory Archiving Policies):

This will inform the world about OA progress and…


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ROARMAP: Science Europe Green Open Access Mandate Recommendation

"Funders should adopt a clear statement in favour of open access, provide a mechanism for funding gold open access and employ clear and binding mandates for green open access. They should encourage and work towards enabling gold open access publication and at the same time…


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ROARMAP: Japan Ministry of Culture and Science Recommends OA Policy

The establishment of open access [is] promoted in the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan. Funding agencies should require researchers to report to them the method of access to the results of the funded research, including its open access availability, to control the relationship between funding and its consequences. The research results report form of Grants for…


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Irish National Green OA Mandate (Multi-Institutional)


Irish National Green OA Mandate

Peer reviewed journal articles and other research outputs resulting in whole or in part from publicly-funded research should be deposited in an Open Access repository and made publicly discoverable, accessible and re-usable as soon as possible and on an on-going basis... Researchers are…


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Hungarian Academy of Sciences Green OA Mandate and European Science Foundation Green OA Mandate Recommendation

Hungarian Academy of Sciences:

"The researchers and employees of the [HAS] - including researchers of the subsidized research units and Momentum research groups - should make their scientific publications Open Access. Open Access could be achieved by i.) self-archiving in institutional or discipline-based repositories, ii.) publishing them in Open Access journals or in hybrid journals offering paid…


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Disambiguating RCUK's Open Access Policy Statement

The Two Tweaks Needed 

to Disambiguate RCUK OA Policy

The Research Councils will recognise a journal as being compliant with their policy on Open Access if:
1. [GOLD] The journal provides via its own website immediate and unrestricted access to…

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KNAW adopts Green ID/OA Mandate on 1st Day of OA Week 2011


Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science - KNAW (24 Oct 2011)



Brief outline of policy for publications: All Academy publications are basically made publicly accessible within eighteen months after publication.

What to preserve digitally? All publications, preferably the… Continue

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What is open access and how to provide it?

[Reposted from the Higher EDucation Development Association (HEDDA) blog.]


1. Open access (OA) is not synonymous with OA publishing (gold OA). OA means…


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Like its Harvard model, Princeton Open Access Policy needs to add immediate-deposit requirement, with no waiver option

1. First, congratulations to Princeton University (my graduate alma mater!) for adopting an open access mandate: a copyright-reservation policy, adopted by unanimous faculty vote.

2. Princeton is following in the footsteps of Harvard in adopting the copyright-reservation policy pioneered by Stuart Shieber and Peter…


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All My OA Postings Are CC-BY for Re-Use by OA Advocates

All OA content I post is CC-BY-NC-ND. Everyone is invited to re-use any of my OA Week postings to promote OA! Most appeared originally in Open Access Archivangelism, which is CC-BY-NC-ND, but I will now add the CC notice to all the OAW materials explicitly.

Question: Does CC-BY-ND give OA advocates all the rights you need, or should I make…


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Raincoat Science: 43 More Open Access Haikus

OA is closer to…

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Video on OA and E-Democracy

Here is a video on OA and E-Democracy:

Creative Commons License
Please feel free to re-use to promote OA. All Open Access Week postings by Stevan Harnad are licensed under a…

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