Open Access Week

October 23 - 29, 2023 | Everywhere

Save this space! Online discussion coming October 3.

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The "reveal" was helpful to us last year.


We had a static website created from Flash.  Each day of the week we released a new OA story or a resource - so people had to keep coming back.  It's a good way to structure the week and helped us find something fresh for our Twitter campaign too.  This year we're planning linked blog posts in a similar vein.


So what did everyone think of the discussion forum approach?

Quoting from chat: "This is an excellent format! Far more dynamic than most webinars."

I didn't write it myself, honest!
I liked was nice being to read through everyone's posts and go back to them for more info.
It was hard to follow - you had to keep going back to page 1 (reloading) and going through to pick up new comments.  Perhaps my display just wasn't set optimally.  A consecutive display would have been better for the live event.  Of course the threaded comments will be better for folks visiting later.
I had a bit the same experience Ruth did.  I would rather have been able to scroll up and down a LONG screen rather than having to click back and forth between pages of content.  But otherwise I liked it.
Agree - I really like the concept, but having a paged discussion made it difficult to follow.

Worked well for me Jennifer - easier to follow than some other similar discussions I've been in; was quick to refresh.

Also thought the moderators did a good job of picking up on interesting comments.  I  liked the variety of discussion and personalisation.  I also feel this will be a useful resource for my colleagues- is there a way of moving this into a single space so we can use it later?

Thank you!

Quoting Graham Steel from chat: "This format of 'Idea Swapping' compared to previous planning for #OAWeek was most definitely better than in previous years. Definitely would recommend doing something similar just after the event too as discussed.  :-D"
Agree, a post-OA week discussion would be very helpful.


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